Use Google Analytics to Create Custom Facebook Audience


Google Analytics is the best tool to create custom Facebook Audience segments for you social media advertisement. This paring is a match made in heaven. Often people start their journey into Facebook Advertising either targeting a wide audience or guessing at interest group. However, using Google Analytics cuts out the guesswork and allows you to hyper target your customers based on your existing data. Here is a quick and easy way to discover your audience groups.

开展社交媒体广告(比如Facebook ads),GA是创建Facebook自定义细分受众的最好工具,

通常facebook广告人员在定位受众时,要么广撒网(wide audience),或者猜测一个想当然的interest group,


What dimensions are available to create custom Facebook Audience segments:

GA创建facebook audience可以使用以下维度dimensions

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Behavior
  • Connection Type.

All of this data can bee accessed in both platforms.


Use the Audience Sections of Both Platforms

All of this data can bee accessed in both platforms.   The right side you can see your Facebook Ad tool on the the right is Google Analytics Audience section. These both can be use to create a custom Facebook audience.

请看下图,左边是Facebook ads,右边是GA报表,比如一下他们的audience







Get familiar with the audience section in Google analytics this mirrors your Facebook Analytics.  The subsections will allow your define your Facebook audience to attract more profitable users base.

创建GA的audience,找出高价值客户的共性,将这部分特征应用到FACEBOOK ADS,就可以带来更多的profitable users

How to Find the Reports I need to Create Custom Facebook  Audience Segments


怎么找出可以用来创建facebook audience的报表

1.  Location/Demographics

Clicking the GEO report will allow you to segment your user base by location. You can discover which country or city is bringing you the most qualified traffic. You can sort this traffic by transaction and conversion rate. This will help you define your most profitable audience. See the image below. You can find this report by following.

GEO报告,可以按位置细分用户群,哪个国家或城市带来高质量流量,按交易和转换率对此流量进行排序。 找出最有利可图的受众群体,见下图。

Audience > GEO > Country > CityAmerican_Audience


From the image you can see that our target cities in America.  Our most profitable cities are New York  and Boca Raton.  However, Take in account the  conversion rate, we can determine what it will cost for us to acquire a customer based  Facebook CPC. We can use this information to define our campaigns.

上图可以看出在美国的目标城市,New York  and Boca Raton是最赚钱的,然而不止于此,从转换率,可以算出通过facebook cpc获得一个用户的成本,这部分数据也可以应用到facebook campaigns

2. Gender

This is always a area of contention. Often people feel that there product leans towards a certain gender; however,  being data driven will allow you to answer this question with the gender the report. You should evaluate the conversion rate and revenue from these two segments.

这是一个有争议的问题,通常商家会片面地认为他们的产品更倾向于某种性别,通过gender report,你要同时分析男性女性的转换率和收入,即便是BRA,也有可能男性买来当礼物的

Audience > Demographics > Gender
Use Gender report to create facebook custom audience segments

3. Interest

There are three categories in Google Analytics are Affinity Groups, In-Market and Others. The group that is further down the conversion cycle is in the In-Market Segments. This segment is closer to users who actually searching for your product category which would be a better estimation of consumer interest.  These can be added or even exclude from your Facebook Targeting list.

Google Analytics分了三个类:Affinity Groups,In-Market,Others.上图展示了In-Market这个组的转换率是最低的;

Interest这个segment,很好地评估了不同群体对产品的兴趣程度,做facebook ads定位受众时,可以根据表现,添加或者删除这些interest。

Audience > Interest > In Market
Use in-market reports to help define your facebook market audience

Layered Segments ( Age & Interest)

组合细分Layered Segments(年龄和兴趣)

The last step is choosing an exact audience would be to layer different dimensions.  This can be added to a single ad. To see the effectiveness of this layers, we can use the secondary dimension of age for the top two profitable sections, we can see which is most profitable.

最后一步是用不同的维度组合一个确切的受众群体。添加到单个广告中。 要查看组合维度的效果,可以用年龄作为二级维度,选出前两个有利可图的部分,我们可以看到哪个部分最有利可图。

Audience > Interest > In Market > Secondary Dimension > AgeUse to dimension to create a facebook custom audience

Which Device should I target?

I wouldn’t segment out any device due to the fact that users may you several screens in the buying cycle. They do research on your website while at the desk and work and then go home to purchase on their phones. However, you ad may have been the first introduction to the user on a phone or desktop. Excluding either will exclude part of the conversion funnel.  However you can find this report by following the steps below:


Audience > Mobile > Device

You should check out this tutorial on  how to create a custom report for the busiest hour of day for your website.

可用下列模板从GA提取Face book的受众Ad

Ad Campaign Audience Structure

  1. Campaign 1 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 25 to 34– Gender: Male
  2. Campaign 2 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 25 to 34– Gender: Female
  3. Campaign 3 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 35 to 44– Gender: Male
  4.  Campaign 4 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 35 to 44– Gender: Male

More Granular Campaigns( City) 

City 1 Targeting 

  1. Campaign 1 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 25 to 34– Gender: Male — City: New York
  2. Campaign 2 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 25 to 34– Gender: Female — City: New York
  3. Campaign 3 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 35 to 44– Gender: Male– City: New York
  4.  Campaign 4 –Interest: Hotels/Travel–Ages: 35 to 44– Gender: Male — City: New York